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Saturday update
Saturday, Jun. 11, 2005, 6:52 pm

It's a pretty quiet Saturday evening. It would be even more quiet if B would stop calling me on my cell phone. She thinks it's neat to go downstairs and use the house phone to call me on the cell. The first four times it was cute. Now it's bordering on tedious. I'm sure P is down there snickering. My cell rings, I answer it, and there's B placing an order for pizza. Again and again and again.

This past Monday I managed to chop the tip of my left thumb off. Wow, that really hurt. There wasn't much the ER docs could do, either. The piece with the fingernail still attached to it didn't have a good enough blood supply to re-attach it, and they only gave it a 25% chance of being successful, so I declined. Guess I'll have a slightly deformed left thumb from now on. It's mostly the left corner that's missing. Maybe it'll grow back.

Training at work is going steadily, but somewhat slowly. Assboss keeps telling me to train her on this and this and this. He has no idea. He wants her to run before she can even walk. I'd love nothing more than to call him out on his arrogance. But I don't want to burn any bridges. I may want to work there again some day.

P's got all kinds of projects lined up for me this summer. He wants bookshelves and frames, and shadow boxes. All woodworking projects. Oh, and he'd really like tile in his bathroom. Sorry, P. I'm booked! I plan to spend the month of August playing. I'd like to rip the carpeting off the stairs and continue the laminate going down to the bottom floor. That would look so good. I've got four boxes of material downstairs in the storage room, so it wouldn't even cost that much to do. But with my thumb out of action for now and probably for many weeks to come, I'm not sure I want to take on something like that. Might be a good Fall project, though. I've done 2 of our bathrooms already, and knowing how much work it is, I think P will have to wait a while for his tile.

Not a lot else going on here. B is taking swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so those days are crazy. At least I'm not expected to actually cook those nights. Hmmm, what else? A few months ago we got a baby kitty. She's completely black and she has very sharp claws. Her name is Bella, but I mostly call her Little Sh*t because she attacks me.

YAWN...I'm tired. No reason, just am. Think I'll close down this blinking box for the evening. Toodles!

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